Our new business venture, "Custom Canine Creations by Claire," is dedicated to Rudy, who was a 14-year-old Irish terrier, and to his human mom, Pat S. of Vancouver, WA. It was due to Rudy’s impending passing that I took photos of him at Pat’s request. Sadly, Rudy died the day after these pictures were taken. I had dressed him In various outfits & taken shots of him in many different poses. Later, I hastened to frame my favorite pictures of him as a gift to Pat. She was deeply touched and appreciative.

Pat was so pleased & impressed with my work that she strongly encouraged me to pursue my "talent" for "Keepsake Photography" as a business - one that would allow me to use my creativity to capture the heart and soul of other beloved canine companions. I could allow my natural joy, gentleness, & compassion to take the lead in staging  pictures that would become lasting mementos & remembrances of a pet that was such an irreplaceable part of their human's life.   


My heartfelt thanks go to Rudy and Pat for allowing me to be a part of their good-bye process . . . and for leading me quite lovingly and naturally into my next “right” role in this great adventure called life.