To capture a lifetime of precious memories



Dedicated to capturing your dog's unique personality, cuteness, & quirks. My collection of hundreds of clothing & accessory combinations assures that no two dogs will ever be dressed alike. Lucy, at left, is a spunky 15-yr-old Irish terrier. She was a long-time pal and sparring partner for Rudy. (See "A Dedication")

Each photo subject is “interviewed” in person (or by phone & photo) to determine what kinds of clothes, hats, glasses, props or other accessories would best suit his or her individual personality & style!

Photo shoots are done in the comfort of your home so that your canine companion feels more relaxed & secure, with fewer distractions. 

Lucy, again pictured at left, is showing off her glamorous side. She's ready to prance around town in style!

Within 2 weeks of the photography session you’ll receive a CD of all the photos, along with a framed “Thank You” picture of the photographer’s choice. 

I guarantee that you'll have one-of-a-kind pictures, which you’ll be proud to display at home, at work, or perhaps feature on a Christmas card or enclose in a letter. 

NOTE: Your precious pooch may even be selected for inclusion in one of our future calendars!

In Loving Memory . . . 

This is Rudy, Lucy's long-time pal and sparring partner. Sadly, he died the day after his pictures were taken. (See "A Dedication") It was an honor to take "Keepsake Photos" of this "brave little boy" as Pat, his human mom,  described him. His cancer left him with only 3 legs, before it spread to his lungs. He was a very special dog - and a very important member of Pat's family. 


  • KEEPSAKE PHOTOS, including the personalized photo session, a CD of all the photos, & a framed "Thank you"  photograph are priced at the rate of $29 per hr (with a 3 hr min, to include drive time, photo processing, framing, & delivery of photo & CD). 
  • Inquire about a generous discount if one or more of your friends have their dogs photographed on the same day, at the same location.