You're not crazy if you still miss your pet ! ! !

I'm not just a photographer with a big heart and a great affection for dogs and other animals. 

As a retired therapist, I'm also available for grief & loss support and informal counseling.

Well meaning people will sometimes say the most insensitive things to someone who's pet died a while ago. "I guess you're pretty much over the loss by now, it's been what? (fill in the blank . . . 6 months, 2 years, 7 years)?" A friend recently told me that his lab died two years ago, but he can't even entertain the idea of getting another dog. His loss is still too painful. I understand; Katie, my cat of 17 years, died over 5 years ago and I still miss her. Thank goodness that as a mental health counselor I knew enough to take a few days off from work to be with Katie before she had to be euthanized. I'll always treasure that time with her.

Don't automatically agree with anyone who suggests that you should "be over it", no matter how lovingly they try to say it. Our pets are a part of our family and they deserve, in fact require, a grieving process of whatever length is sufficient to assuage the worst of the pain. We need to be gentle with ourselves, allow the tears, and the time - however long. And realize that there may always be some pain & sadness surrounding the loss of a precious companion that held such a special place in our life.

Since I am now retired from my stressful corporate job as a mental health professional. I'm starting a whole new chapter of life - a kinder, more gentle chapter for sure. Having worked for many years as a professional counselor, and worked through many losses of my own, it's a natural fit for me to offer comfort to folks who are in the process of saying goodbye to their beloved 4-legged (and in Rudy's case 3-legged; see "A Dedication") companion.

So, beyond taking "Keepsake Photos" of your aging, ailing, or still young & spunky canine pal, I am grateful to be able to offer   grief & loss support and informal counseling, as well as provide handouts, referrals, & helpful resources for other types of support (See "Resources"). Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Claire G.

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